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How Sleep Can Affect Women – Research Says Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Today’s women are known for their strong attributes whether it is physical, emotional and mental. They have become straight forward and open minded, compete to prove themselves more superior. Several women are racing to prove themselves equal to men; they are striving to maintain continuity with the roles played at home management, relationships, recurring children and office.   They have added a lot of extra work creating stress for them.

Women Need More Sleep

Whether a man or women, everyone needs to understand the basic social needs .A great sleep recession has been noticed in recent years, emerged as the big health indicator. Sleep problem affect more women than men. Women tend to multitask they have to do lots at once; they experienced more mental and physical consequences. Today women are more ambitious and hard worker, reason behind that is they have to perform at every level with their best.

Recent study states that, women’s brains are typically more complex and thus need more time to relax and recover, but for men there was no difference and they got the same benefit from naps. Women poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress, hostility, depression, anger, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Reason Behind Less Sleep In Women

Usually women are more careless about their health in comparison to men, their excuses are always ready to avoid heath issue regarding to their busy schedule.

Millions of women have to struggle with acute gender discrimination and distress as part of their every d ay experiences. Women have more expectations from themselves, they must work with all the compromises that society demands and despite the pressure they experience at work and home. Women end up working at office and equally hard at home. The missing social support and physical infrastructure are building a lot of stress, long working hours and office or relationship are hidden causes beneath the sleep.

Factors Affecting Sleep

Study says that eight hour sleep is necessary to stay healthy; it helps to concentrate better, increases immunity, reduce stress and allow them to live happy and healthier. The average women between the ages of 30 and 60 reported sleeping just six hours on work nights.

Sleep is a cyclical process, individual sleep needs vary. Good sleep will help us to perform better on next day. Deep sleep boosts women’s brain more than men’s.

Research said that the bursts of brain activity associated with higher IQS were boosted when women enter the deepest dreamless sleep. Quality sleep can come easy by implementing the following changes:

Make sure that the place is neat and clean to sleep or you can put some flower of your choice in the room for better sleep, it can help you in relaxing


Dietary changes might improve your sleep; certain foods  are known for their sleep inducing effects.

There are some super foods which may help you to get better sleep and healthy night:

Foods To Avoid For Good Sleep

Good sleep gives us a good health, it is always relate to good and healthy food .You must avoid such foods which can distract your sleep, there are some foods which are responsible for the restorative effects of sleep:

A healthy women is a source of healthy family, social support can help a women for a good start.

This can influence women effectual decision-making. Make them powerful to take decision along with economic, social and civil freedom, to build a better future for themselves and their families.

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