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Smart Home Automation for Smart Lifestyles

The technological revolution can change everyone’s lifestyle. We don’t ever imagine ours life without gadgets, smart phones and automation systems. Home automation is one of them, but today its cover a huge area of our lifestyle. Secure home automation system is an innovative step to control your home from your smart phone.

Purpose of smart home automation

Home automation which is also known as don tics is an electronic control of household features and appliances. It has ability to control items around the house. The purpose of smart home is to provide secure, safe, peaceful and easier lifestyle.

Advantages of Smart home automation

Home automation provides modern and reliable technology. Its main aim is to improve comfort, security and easy management

Convenience: home automation can control and monitor your home, using smart phones from anywhere in the world.

Energy efficient: Automation system provides comprehensive energy saving solution to reduce your energy bills.

Saving time and money: one clear advantage of home automation is the unmatched potential for saving time and money.

Control at your finger tip: A smart home is now easy on your finger tip, these smart devices or appliances can be connected to a local area network via internet or WI FI. You can control your home at just one click.

Key features of Smart home automation

In this challenging future of growing market on smart house with efficient energy management, time consuming and Hassel free life is necessity today. Home automation is based on;

Wireless communication technologies

WIFI: A networking protocol that allows device to communicate without cards or cables. Designed to allow an electric device to exchange data to the internet using 2.4 4Hz and 5Hz radios

Blue tooth: Its easy installation base made it favorite for connections in the smart home.

Z-Wave: This automation protocol uses extremely low amount of power and reliable for low latency communication.

ZIG bee: The low band width and power combined with low cost should have made ZIG bee the go to protocol technology.

INSTEON: provides a wide range of motion sensors, light switches and other devices that can be connected through a dual mesh network.

Thread: Power efficient and based on and robust mesh network.

X 10: known for its robust speed or communication between units on the home automation network.

Top 5 home automation controls

Top home automation systems

Smart devices and appliances of home automation

Home automation system is capable of controlling and automating most of the house appliances through an easy management. All of these systems are able to simple and easily purchased and installed by consumer without the need to hire a professional installer.

Smart lighting and controls: It is very convenient and energy efficient to your home. Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch or using just your voice.

Wireless control can make your light more incentive and personalized to your lifestyles.

Philips Hue light bulb is an LED bulb designed to use up to 80 % less energy than a traditional bulb.

Smart outlets or plugs – BEL kin We Mo switch

Smart sensors – A con labs Multi-sensor or staples connect hub

Harmony smart control with better button placement

Smart security systems: Control of security locks on doors, gates, windows, lighting, survieliance cameras and HVAC systems, these high-tech solutions can help make your home in to a smart home.

Dana lock Bluetooth Z-Wave smart lock: allowing you to open your door via smart phone and grant others access no matter where ever you are.

Smart entertainment control

Small changes to your home’s functionality can help you embrace the larger once to come

New Launching

Samsung smart home will makes its debut at CES in Las Vegas this week and it will initially provide three core services .Samsung will have a new home entertainment lineup on display including a smart TV “smart control” and introduced world’s biggest 110-inch Ultra HD TV. The movie-screen like set boasts an 800 mega pixel display and will go on sale in china, the Middle East and Europe beginning Jan 30.

Some more high-tech may opt for Samsung’s MX-HS8500 GIGA sound system
World’s first component audio system to integrate the main system and speaker

Smart garden

Many hubs that control everything around the house, which you access via your phone or tablet, are readily available for the tech-savvy home owner.

EDYN garden sensor: better than any other plant sensor, it connects to WI FI so you can check on your plant remotely.

KOUBACHI AG: Swiss company’s KOUBACHI AG targeting plants and developing a free application to help your household garden.

Green box: It is designed to work home that already have a sprinkler system installed.

Garden tracker: This app gives you a digital recreation of your garden.

Latest gadgets of 2016 for smart life style:

The consumers electronics show held last week in Las Vegas revealed the popularity of home automation .Latest smart home systems are equipped with analytical software and solutions. Smart home kits sensors and gadgets have been a dominating presence at CES in Las Vegas are:

Market scenario on Smart home automation

Utilizing integrated technological systems in your home is one of the most significant new trends in digital innovation. It provides safety for both your family and home. This helps you keep safe as well as quite helpful for busy persons.

The market for smart homes has been growing steadily. Market experts predict that the smart home’s market share will be worth tens of billions within the next few years. Smart home market is expected to reach USD 121.73 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 14.07 % between 2016 and 2022. North America held the largest share of the smart home market in 2015 followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The U.S. is expected to dominate the smart home market in North America.


Today smart home technologies have become affordable and every other average household uses some form of smart home automation. Smart phone has made home automation just a click away. Automation systems installed in commercial buildings do not only increase control, but also allow centralized control of heating, ventilation, air condition and lighting. Manufacturer have produced variety of smart devices, many of which are fully automatic.TV, washing machine refrigerators, thermostat, coffee maker or any other internet ready house hold devices in the market . In the near future, home automation may be standardized to let us take advantage of all of these additional possibilities.

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