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Social Messenger iOS/Android Apps To Chat: Do You Have All These 10?

Texting is fun when you have all of your best buddies under one hood and chatting around all day long. But the texting of the old days did not provide us with the opportunity. That is when conference calls took over. But at this point of time, it is the texting applications that are back on the scene again.

Now you have all your best friends under one hood, as in the ‘Groups’ that we have on all the social messaging applications. You can text, share images, voice clips and a lot more with the social applications on board nowadays. Here is a list of the top 10 social messaging applications!

WhatsApp: The first application in the list is Whatsapp. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most preferred social messaging application on the various App Stores. Although, Whatsapp is not one of the social messaging applications with the utmost freedom, but when it comes to efficiency, Whatsapp is literally unbeatable. With Whatsapp, you can share your photos with your best buddies; you can call them over the internet and even send voice clips.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook is the largest social messaging platform of the world. It would be fair to say that literally half of the population of the world is on Facebook. Facebook has two social networking applications; one is the app for the social networking website, and the other is the messaging application that allows you to connect to your friends in real time. You can make groups and talk to them, share your images, videos, etc. The best thing about Facebook Messenger is the omnipresence that it provides. The application will allow you to get notified about every text that comes to you on the main window and all of it for free.

Telegram: Telegram is third on the list and is gearing up to be amidst the company of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The best part about Telegram is the security that it boasts of. If your requirement is an instant messenger with security measures, then take my world that Telegram is your social messaging application.

WeChat: The next one on the list is WeChat. WeChat is one of the most commonly used applications when it comes to the Asian Countries. WeChat is nothing less that most of the social messaging applications. It provides your features like voice call and video call along with normal features like photo sharing, group chats, etc. WeChat also has a PC client that allows you to use the application on your computers as well. What this means is that you will never miss out on your friends, even while you are working!

BBM: BBM is the acronym for Blackberry Messenger is at one point of time, was the highest rated social messaging application. In fact, even today, many BlackBerry users still prefer BBM over most of the other social messaging applications. You can always call your BBM contacts via BlackBerry Messenger and that too for free.

LINE: The next social messaging application lined up is LINE. LINE is to a certain extent the most entertaining social messaging application. You will have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to using LINE. For me, the best part is the ‘Sticker Gallery’, where in you can get any kind of sticker for your all kinds of friends.

Hangouts: Hangouts is a product of Google. It is basically used alongside Gmail as an instant messenger. But the facility of instant messaging is available as Hangout. The basic features are very much the same including image sharing, video calling, etc. Hangout is one of the most dependable social messaging applications available at present.

Groupme: Groupme is the application for you, if you prefer group chats. Groupme is basically centered on Group Chats and has a lot of emojis at its disposal. Groupme also allows you to buy special emoji packs, which makes social messaging all the more fun.

Signal: Signal is one of those social messaging application that puts a lot of importance on secure texting. The application provides end to end encryption for all kinds of messages that moves in or out of your system.

Snapchat: Snapchat is the last one on the list. Snapchat is a unique application. It is a real time social texting platform, but it does not keep any track of the texts that you have sent over once you log off. For the anonymous users, Snapchat is the perfect application for you.

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