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Sony to Discontinue Xperia X and Xperia X Compact

Sony tried many new things to make their Xperia brand a hit. However the fact is that the total sales figures are not exciting for them and company has started taking the steps to control the expenditure. Company is planning to shut down the premium segment ‘X’ series and the decision has already been taken. Makers brought Sony Xperia X and Sony Xperia X Compact last year. However it is now clear that these models will not get a successor in 2017. There were some rumours about it from some days and now Sony has officially declared it.

The official statement by Sony says that the Xperia X series didn’t get satisfactory sales. Therefore there are plans to discontinue the series altogether. It may not be a big surprise for many people. Market experts were hoping for it as Sony was not getting the required numbers from a long time. They achieved just over 31% of the global target which is not at all satisfactory. Company achieved close to 85% of the target in Japan. However for the rest of the world Sony premium models didn’t even exist. The figures were very disappointing and it was a logical decision to discontinue the series. Company already showed Xperia XZ model. Therefore we will get this phone into the market.

Sony is planning to change their strategy once again. Now their focus will be on midrange and flagship models. There will be no category in between these two in coming months. It clearly means that we will not see any model that will have the price-tag of about $500. The focus will now be on Xperia XA and Xperia XZ. These will be the midrange and flagship models respectively. Company frequently brings new models in IFA event. Therefore we may see some models in September.

The smartphone category never proved very useful for Sony. It is not the first time Sony discontinued a specific series. A similar thing happened last year also when makers decided to stop the production of C and M series models. Company was focussing on X series at that time. Therefore they didn’t bring any model in C and M series. Company has decided to work within their limits. They will now focus on their main markets only at this point of time. The main market for Sony is Europe, Japan, Middle East and East Asia. Therefore they will bring most of the models for this region only.

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