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Stream Videos from Your Mobile or PC to Your TV Wirelessly using Chromecast

Chromecast is Google’s way of bridging the gap between TV and the cloud. Chromecast offers a very comfortable and smooth user experience. In a nutshell, once you have picked the video on your Tablet, Smartphone or PC you can then request Chromecast to show it on TV.


The Chromecast device is an HDMI dongle that is a little small and appears like a thumb drive almost three inches in length. Within the small case is a flash memory of 16GB, RAM of 512MB and 1500 Marvel Armada system weighing on the small dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor including a Wi-Fi module solidly mated to a heat sink of aluminium to help in keeping things as cool as possible.

It is important however to clear the main misconception surrounding Chromecast that it is just a little unit that only accepts whatever is relayed to it like the typical TV antenna in contrast with decoding or streaming. In Chromecast, the Smartphone, Tablet or PC is the control device that acts as the traffic police to direct the video content being streamed from a source right into Chromecast. Chromecast in turn decodes the video stream before displaying it.

Essentially, even if you are using a very old controlling device that cannot display HD video smoothly, it is really not the issue since the device is only alerting Chromecast about the HD video content it should spool up.

The Chromecast box comes with the Chromecast dongle, a 4 inch small HDMI extension cable, a USB transformer of power and USB miniB cable. In case you have a media center kind of receiver supporting the 1.4+ HDMI with MHL or a new HDTV, you only need to plug your HDMI dongle onto the receiver or HDTV and it will then draw the needed power it requires from the unit directly. Those lacking newer host devices supporting HDMI and MHL power have to be provided using other sources.

The benefits

Those whose goal is accessing Google Play, Netflix and YouTube content among others, they will find the affordable Chromecast one of the most ridiculous bargains there is. It is also worth noting its unit is unobtrusive and tiny you need not need worry a lot on managing cords or mounting it; simply plug the unit in.

You will also find the computer or Smartphone as your remote and the perfect match when it comes to video content streaming. In fact, since almost everyone is searching the content they want to view through their devices already, the Chromecast added benefit of sending the content to the TV through the Smartphone, Tablet or PC is something that makes sense to everyone.

Since the mobile application only directs and not really decoding, it leaves the Tablet or Phone with a lot of room to carry out other tasks. It is the simplest way of getting content off the PC or mobile device you are using and right onto your HDTV in your living room without much ado and its price is also very small considering its immense possibilities.

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