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A Sweet Extension to Get Metro Styled Speed Dials in Google Chrome

If you follow Techtip, you must be aware of our love for simple tools to make our lives easy. And our love makes us love Google Chrome very much. The sheer ability to make it work the way you want, makes us love it even more.

We have written tons of article regarding Google Chrome and making the best use of it, but we still haven’t covered all the possibilities.

One such possibility is to make it look like the Microsoft’s Metro Styled tiles that you see in Windows 8 Pro and above, plus the ability to get to your favorite websites in just one click.
Fast Start, a metro styled speed dial for Google Chrome is one such extension that makes it possible.

A faster way to access your favorite websites, bookmarks and history.
Fast Start is a replacement of your new tab speed dial page. Fast Start provides easy access to pages that you visit most often, your book marks and history in a visual manner that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The metro inspired design shows color coded tiles by name and frequency of visit.

You’re able to customize the color of the background, add new tiles and customize the description as well as color of tiles.

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