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T-Mobile Brings A New Deal For Iphone 8 And Iphone X Buyers

T-Mobile is among the first operators who started offering the deals to the customers if they purchase the new iPhone model. It seems that they were ready for the deal well ahead than the competitors as the CEO made the announcement publicly for T-Mobile users. The company announced that they are going to offer up to $300 to any customer for their iPhone 6 or subsequent model for the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. The important condition is that the iPhone 6 or newer model should be in proper working condition. This new deal is going to be supportive for those who are interested to purchase iPhone X. We discussed with you that the price of iPhone X starts from $999 only. Therefore a deal of $300 is going to be supportive for many customers. You can get the new iPhone through Equipment Instalment Plan (EIP).

This is not the only thing that T-Mobile is offering to their customers. They have a special deal for Apple Watch Series 3 device also. The retail price of the new 38MM watch is $399.99 whereas 42MM costs $499.99 only. However, you can get these watches through EIP if you are a customer of T-Mobile. Here it is important to mention that we are just giving you the basic idea about the deal. You can contact T-Mobileto get the complete official information about these offers. The officials of T-Mobile are not saying anything about this deal. However, CEO Mr John Legere announced it through Twitter.

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It will be very interesting to see how soon T-Mobile starts offering this new deal to their customers. They are among the first operators who announced the offer so early. Therefore customers of T-mobile are excited after the announcement by the CEO. Apple wants to increase the sales of their watches. Therefore the new offer by T-Mobile will help them to get the better figures than before. There are two major variants of Series 3. The first includes the facility of GPS while the second variant as GPS as well as cellular connectivity. Track your flights with ease through this device. You can also manage the data of Health app comfortably with these new watches. Contact T-Mobile to know the complete details about these new offers. We will inform you as soon as we get some related official information.

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