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Tampa Bay Fashion Week Trunk Show Scheduled For Sept. 16-19

For the first time in the past six years, Tampa Bay Fashion Week will not feature a runway show. Instead, 10 designers will feature their Spring/Summer 2016 collections during a four-day trunk show running from Sept. 16-19.

The designers will display and sell their works at International Plaza & Bay Street, 2223 N West Shore Blvd. during the event. The trunk shows are free, but only those who have RSVP’d at fashionweektampabay.comwill be allowed to attend.

Tampa Bay Fashion Week is an annual event geared towards the display of designs from local fashion designers. The transition to the trunk show might be more lucrative for some designers than a glitzy, fashion show. During the four-day trunk show, buyers and customers will be able to see the garments and order or buy them on the spot.

Right now, the worldwide fashion industry is experiencing a contraction. The major fashion centers of the world depend on population density and foot traffic to remain profitable. Retailers tend to focus on fashion lines associated with celebrities and established brands. In this environment, independent designers struggle to get recognition for their works.

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