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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Recalls All Model S Sedan Over Seatbelt Issue

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has now recently come up with the new voluntary seatbelt recall for Model S owners. This new facility was because of the faulty seatbelt installation in this model. This issue was first reported by a Model S owner who claimed that the seatbelt had been physically separated from the seat when the owner turned towards the passengers in the back seat, while having a conversation on the road.

In order to rebuild the credibility of Model S, Tesla Motors has now decided to ramp-up the production of this automobile. Though, there have been no critical issues or any accidents that have been the consequences of this faulty assembly, Tesla decided to call each of the owners of this car to the Tesla service centers and have a critical examination of its seatbelt.

Tesla Motors Inc. has also promised to inspect the bolt that kept the seat belt attached to the seat. The Tesla spokesperson also declared that there was no fault that was observed in the other inspected cars, but a thorough inspection would be conducted without any negligence.

Tesla also offered a do-It-yourself option to inspect the seat belt mechanism, which would require about 80 pounds of force. Due to the delay in the scheduled service appointment, the owners can themselves examine their cars, and notify a problem when they arrive at the service center.

Tesla reportedly has just 69 service centers across the US, and the recall would be effective only in the case of metropolitan cities. In the rural areas, due to the unavailability of sufficient service center options, this inspection would be slightly withheld. Tesla fears that the DIY and the problem with its seat belt could affect its image. The customers may not really appreciate the DIY feature of inspection, as the seatbelt is one of the most crucial safety features embedded in a car, and any issue with this, could seriously cause outrage among its customers.

Also, this recall is said to have caused an impact on the investor community too, as far as the reports are concerned and Tesla has observed a downturn in its stocks. But, Tesla assures its customers that the problem seems to have affected only Model S and not others like Model X SUV and Roadster. Nevertheless, Tesla’s reputation has more to it than be utterly ruined with a beneficial investment in time to recall all Model S cars. It only has to survive the challenges of its potential competitors.

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