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Top 10 Fire Type Pokemon Go Characters

Flare On: It’s a one of the best fire type Pokémon character, it releases heat into air so that its body does not get excessively hot. It belongs to flame Pokémon species with 130 stamina and236 attack power. Flare on is best on ember and fire blast moves and charge at flame thrower and heat wave moves. It’s strong on steel, bug, ice and grass and weak on rock, water and ground.

Arc Nine: Fire type Pokémon, which evolve from grow lithe. It’s well known for its fast speed, main source of arc nine is fire blazes. It belongs to legendary Pokémon species with stamina 180 and attack power 227.dark bite and fire tand are its fast moves. Strong on steel, bug, ice, grass and weak on rock, water and ground.

Moltres: It’s a fire flying type Pokémon without evolution, legendary Pokémon which belongs to flame Pokémon species with stamina 180 and attack power 251.fast on ember and charge on fire blast.

Typhlosion: Fire type Pokémon which evolves from Quilava type Pokémon. It creates blazing explosive blasts that burn everything to cinders. It belongs to volcano Pokémon species with stamina 156 and attack power211. It’s fast on tbd.

Magmar: Fire type Pokémon without evolution. It creates heat waves that ignite grass and trees in its surroundings. It belongs to spilt fire species with 130 stamina and 206 attack power. It best on ember, karate chop, its charge moves are fire blast and fire punch.

Rapidash: Fire type Pokémon evolves from pontya type Pokémon which belong to fire horse Pokémon. Its fairy manes flare and blaze as it gallops its way up to 150 mph with stamina 130 and 207 attack power. It fast on ember move and charge move on drill run, fire blast and heat waves.

Ninetales: It evolves from vulpix, a fire type Pokémon. It has sinister light from its bright red eyes to gain total control over its foel minds. It belongs to fox Pokémon species with 146 stamina and 169 attack powers. Fast at ember moves and fern attack, charge moves at fire blast, heat wave.

Charmeleon: It evolves from charizad, fire type have sharp claws. It has a flame at the tip of its color, tail fares with a bluish white color. Belong to flame Pokémon species with stamina 116 and attack power 158. Fast at ember move. Charge moves are fire punch, flame burst.

Slugma: Its lava Pokémon with stamina 95and attack power 133. It evolves from mag cargo fire Pokémon, belong to fire type Pokémon. It always keeps moving, if it stopped it become cool and hardens.

Pontya: It evolves from rapid dash fire Pokémon. It belongs to fire horse Pokémon species with stamina 100 and attack power 170.

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