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Top 5 Flying Type Pokemon

Dragonite: One of the best flying type Pokémon, it’s a dual Pokémon dragon and flying type, which evolves from dragoniar. It belongs to dragon Pokémon species. They have capabilities of circling globes in 16 hrs. Dragon breath and steel wing are fast moves if dragonite while dragon claw, dragon pulse and hyper beam are charge moves. They are strong on grass, fighting, and bug. Weak against on electric, steel and rock.

Charizad: Fire and flying type Pokémon, which evolves fro charmeleon. They belong to flame Pokémon species. It can search opponents’ flies in the sky. Ember, wing attack are fast moves of charizad, while dragon claw, fire blast, flameth rower are charge moves. Charizad are strong against on fighting, grass, bug, and weak against on steel, rock and electric.

Moltres: Fire and flying type Pokémon without evolution, it’s a legendary bird Pokémon, belongs to flame Pokémon species with stamina 180 and attack power 251. Ember is fast move of moltres, while fire blast is charge move.

Pidgeot: Normal and flying type Pokémon. It’s a powerful bird with fire, which evolves from pidgetto Pokémon. It has ability of heat waves and hurricanes. Steel wing, wing attack are fast moves of this Pokémon, while aerial ace, air cutter are charge moves.

Gyarados: A water type Pokémon, which belongs to flying type Pokémon. Also known as atrocinus Pokémon. It evolves from magikarp Pokémon, also having super high attack power. Gyarados are Strong against on fire, ground and rock, and weak on electric and grass.

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