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Twitter Brings Some Changes in Character Limit

Twitter is making the platform more user-friendly for their users. They have made some changes on their website to make it more beneficial for the people. Now the length of your message will not include @usernames as they will not be the part of the limit. Twitter was working from last one year to increase the character limit of messages and they are doing whatever is possible. The official statement of Twitter gives a clear idea that Twitter is trying to improve the overall experience. The ongoing efforts by Twitter will help the users to enjoy the complete power of the platform.

The new feature of not including @usernames in character limit will apply equally to all the platforms. This rule will apply in group as well as non-group chats. If you are interested to reply to a particular person in a group then you can easily do so by sending the complete message. You can increase your message here also as @usernames will not be included in the message. Most of the users will definitely like this new change. It is an attempt by Twitter to bring more users to their platform and they are looking to provide more features to their users. You can comfortably share links, pictures and videos. Therefore this new development will certainly be useful for you under many situations.

Twitter product manager further stated that the task is still not complete. They are looking for the ways through which they can make Twitter easy to use in coming times. Moreover the team is looking for the ways to improve the level of conversations. We can say that it is undoubtedly a big statement. Therefore we cannot say that we are not going to see any changes in this platform in 2017 as the teams in Twitter are already working to bring more changes. Experts are saying that the main target of Twitter is to make the platform more engaging for the users. They are looking for different methods to show more characteristics here.

Twitter is looking to compete with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Therefore from last one year they are working hard to enhance the quality of platform. It is a known fact that Twitter is facing huge challenges from other social networking website. Therefore they are ready to bring more changes for their users. It will assist them to utilize the features without any difficulty. We will inform you as soon as Twitter gets ready to bring more changes in coming months.

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