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Twitter Permits To Add 280 Characters In One Tweet

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking platforms around the world. The company knows it very well that they are going to face a tough competition from other similar websites. Therefore they have now decided to make the platform a little flexible than before. It is helping them to enhance their user-base around the globe. Twitter does not bring updates frequently like other platforms. But this time the update which they brought is going to be supportive for many users.

We all know that Twitter was offering 140-character limit from a very long time. They didn’t change the limit for ten long years but now it is going to be changed for almost everyone. The new limit will be doubled from the existing limit. Therefore you can share your thoughts with the help of 280 characters if you need. This is undoubtedly a big step taken by Twitter to make it more appealing to all. The company was regularly doing some related tests for some time and finally, they have decided to bring the feature for all the users.

The product manager of Twitter recently announced that the new update is not going to make any compromise with the user experience. They will get the same type of speed but they can express their thoughts more easily this time. Some experts in the industry are saying that 140 character limit is the brand value of Twitter. This feature has made the Twitter special and it is the reason they are not sure if people are going to like it. Currently, it is tough to comment if the users are going to like this update but this change is going to make an impact. Many users will like to utilize 280 characters at the beginning. It will be interesting to see how many users will keep utilizing this character limit in coming times.

Twitter noticed that many people do not tweet if they are looking to share a lengthy message. It was tough for them to ignore those users. Therefore they decided to increase the character limit. This is certainly going to be encouraging for not only the individual users but for the groups also. The company just started lifting the limit. So if you have not received this update so far then you may not have to wait for long. You can now more comfortably share your thoughts with the world.

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