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Twitter Users not Happy with Whatsapp’s New Data Sharing Policy

Whatsapp recently took the decision to share the data with Facebook. They have changed the privacy policy to share the data with their parent company and users have started receiving information about it. This new privacy policy says that Whatsapp is going to share data with Facebook so that different businesses can contact the potential buyers directly.

This step is undoubtedly surprising for many people because most of the people have not expected this from the platform. Company is sharing the data with Facebook and many users are not happy with it. This new data sharing policy of Whatsapp will offer returns to Facebook. The parent company invested a huge amount the beginning of this year to acquire Whatsapp. Now this data sharing action will certainly help them to get more users. They can now offer more suggestions to the users about new friend requests. Moreover they are can also show advertisements exactly according to the user’s interest.

Many users are discussing about this point on Twitter. They are expressing their views on it. Some are saying that it is like compromising with the security of the users. However this is exactly not the case. Whatsapp decided to remove the subscription fee a few months ago. They are now the part of Facebook.  The decision is purely to benefit Facebook to get more business. Those users who are not aware of the policies of Facebook and Whatsapp are showing some concerns about this deal. But most of the users will not mind about this step of Whatsapp till they are not paying the subscription fee.

Whatsapp decided not to force for this condition to any user. Company changed the policy after a long time. They last updated their policies four years ago and now they changed it this time. You can opt out from it if you are not interested for the same. Whatsapp assured their users that they are not going to share the private communications of users with anyone. The service will remain reliable as before and users will get the fastest experience e every time. Businesses will receive wider reach with this new step taken by Whatsapp. It is vital to make it clear that Whatsapp users will not receive any type of advertisements after the deal. This decision is going to assist Facebook in general but Whatsapp services will continue like before.

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