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U2 Paris Concert Cancelled, Following ‘Shocking’ Terrorist Attack

U2, an Irish rock band postponed its concert in Paris, which is to be held on Saturday due to the deadly attacks that happened across the city of Paris last night. It is a huge shock as well as suspense for the U2 fans and in the meantime, the band mentioned that it will come to stage “at an appropriate time”.

Friday night was too chilled and people among the region were very eager to watch the biggest event of the year i.e. the soccer match between the two legend’s named France national soccer team and archival Germany team. The night was very pleasant and people in the arena were watching the players who’re pushing the balls over the soccer field at the national stadium in Paris.

Suddenly a sudden burst and a sharp sound of pain came from the overwhelming of the crowd. From the pillar to post, each and everywhere of the place is located with surprise and confusion. People and Players were panicked and seeking for the reason of the explosion. And it’s a Terror, for the second time in the city of Paris in the current year. At the same time, Terrorist shot hundreds of people in the city and took few hostages at The Bataclan concert hall.

After seeing this incident happened in Paris, U2 members were decided to postpone the concert, which is to be held on Saturday night. The shock of devastation and loss of life in the region created a disbelief in the minds of U2 members in conducting concerts in the city of Paris.

U2 member says, after the deadly attack on Paris,

“We watched in disbelief and shock at the unfolding events in Paris and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families across the city tonight. We are devastated at the loss of life at the Eagles of Death Metal concert and our thoughts and prayers are with the band and their fans. And we hope and pray that all of our fans in Paris are safe.”
HBO also revised its plans to telecast the band’s performance and planned to telecast Jersey Boys movie instead of the concert.

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