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Wearable Medical Devices Market Analysis, Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2014 To 2020

Main growth drivers for wearable medical devices market encompass include innovation in next generation detecting equipments permitting for real time feedback , efficiency of wearable medical devices and clinical decisions support enabling clinical supervision beyond the hospitalization. Introduction of the upgraded wearable medical equipments include measuring and sensing equipments that assist physicians and patients in health detection and diagnostic uses. These equipments range from headsets which measures activities of waves of brain as well as heart beats and content level of oxygen in the blood.

In addition to the vital applications of such equipments in advanced management of chronic ailments, their generally used traditional equivalents also find much of its use in therapeutic medical processes in the wearable medical devices market like lenses and splints. Other aspects adding to the growth of this market are the large amount of firms offering innovation in wearable medical equipments, rising occurrence of chronic pain and increase in disposable income as well as per capita income of the patients.

The array of items in the wearable medical devices market is bifurcated on the basis of their uses and applications. On basis of their uses, the market is subdivided into wearable medical equipments for diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring. The American chronic pain society has declared that more than fifty million Americans are suffering from different kinds of chronic pains like joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle pain. Due to the rise in number of patients suffering from chronic ailments and pain, it is predicted that wearable therapeutic equipments like tiny ultrasound equipments are going to experience heavy demand during the estimated time span. It is also projected that the current innovations in wearable medical monitoring equipments which help them to collect real time data when worn close to the body will offer new avenues for growth and expansion of the wearable medical devices market during the forecasted period.

On the basis of the applications, the wearable medical equipments can be bifurcated into important sign monitors, obstetric & fetal identifying equipments, neuromonitoring instruments and insulin or glucose monitors. Due to rising cases of diabetes across the world, innovations and breakthroughs in non invasive laser blood glucose methods of measurements, it is predicted that the wearable medical devices market will display substantial growth during the estimated time.

Topographically, the market is bifurcated into four sections: Europe, ROW, North America and Asia Pacific. The key firms present in the wearable medical device market are Philips Electronics, Omron Corporation, Zephyr Technology Corporation, Everist Genomics and Withings.

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