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Whatsapp Adds Picture-In-Picture Feature For Simultaneous Calls & Messages

Whatsapp is regularly bringing the kinds of features which are grabbing the attention in no time. We can now check that the platform is highly beneficial for not only the normal users but for businesses also. They have recently added two new features. These features are going to be supportive for many users around the globe. Moreover, it will add the freshness to the platform. These two new features will be available for Android as well as iOS users.

The first feature is related to picture-in-picture mode. Whatsapp users can now utilize Picture-in-picture video calling feature which will allow them to manage multitasking works with ease. Users can now send text messages to their friends while making video calls. Therefore it will be easy for you to stay connected with different users simultaneously without any difficulty. Suppose you are on a video call with a friend then you can also send the text to another friend at the same time. The function is going to be very easy. You can resize the video calling screen and at the same time, the chat section can appear on the background. Therefore you can easily stay connected with your friends.

One of the best things about this feature is that you need not have to waste your time for sending the messages and making calls separately. The picture-in-picture mode will be handy for you to save your precious time. It is up to you what size of video calling screen is going to be sufficient while sending the text to another friend. Place that screen anywhere and talk to your contacts with ease. It has been named as PIP feature by the experts.

The second feature is related to text status update. You can now utilize text-only updates as your status. You may have noticed that currently we just have the option of using videos and pictures for this specific update. But now you can also keep the text as the status. Change the background colour as per your choice. Therefore this section is going to be more interesting now. The Android version 2.17.323 has this new update whereas iOS version 2.17.52 has this new update. There is no doubt that Whatsapp is aggressively adding new characteristics to the platform. They recently showed some features for business customers also. Therefore within next few weeks, we will see the kinds of features which will make this social networking app more advantageous.  You may receive the update soon if you have not received it till now.

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