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Whatsapp Brings Colourful Status Through A New Update

Whatsapp is frequently bringing new updates for their users. These updates are appearing handy because they are providing new ways to make the tasks easy. Moreover, people can easily stay connected with their friends and colleagues all the time. We have seen that Whatsapp brought a lot of new updates in last two years and it is looking beneficial for a number of professionals also. You can not only send messages only but now you can share files also. Voice and video calls are undoubtedly highly supportive for many people.

We have seen that so far most of the updates were related to increasing the capacities of the platform. Now it seems that the company is looking to change the appearance also to bring the freshness. One of the newest updates by Whatsapp will allow the users to include the colourful background to text status. This is certainly interesting because now you are not going to see just one colour. Different types of colours will add the freshness which will make the platform attractive. This new feature is looking very similar to a function of Facebook where you see a number of colour options while typing the text.

Facebook is the owner of Whatsapp. Therefore they are looking various new features which can be included in Facebook as well as Whatsapp. The whole thing may appear undoubtedly new for many people but it is certainly an exciting thing. You will find a ‘pencil’ icon on the bottom right-hand side. Therefore if you are looking to change the background colour then you may not have to wait for long. Currently, this new function is not available for all the users but there are chances that Whatsapp will bring it very soon.

This social networking platform is working regularly to check different functions. It is understandable because they want that a majority of people should be satisfied with the functions. They recently removed the text status feature before only to restore it again within a short span of time. Whatsapp knows it very well that a number of competitors will take no time to grab the market if they do not bring the new things frequently. They are also looking to make the platform more functional so that it can be beneficial for many people. This new function is a welcome move by Whatsapp. We will see many new things here in future.

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