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Whatsapp includes New Features for iOS Users

Whatsapp is doing almost all the right things to stay on the top. They are into the market from some time and we are watching new features regularly from last two years. Facebook is the owner of this platform now and they are adding all the important characteristics to make it more useful. They have just added some new features for iOS users and they are certainly valuable. The updated Whatsapp version 2.17.30 has all these new features and it is available all around the globe.

The first new feature is album view. If you are sending or receiving five or more videos or pictures then this data will be added as an Album view. Users will see tile display which can be checked in messages. This will immediately give an idea that the message has a collection of images or videos. It is very easy to check the data here. You can simply tap that specific section and it will show you all the images and videos immediately. There will be a special filter section which can be extremely beneficial to manage the data without any difficulty. This update will be useful for those who like taking selfies as managing the right photo can be much easier than before.

We have seen that Whatsapp was bringing regular updates for Android users. Now this time they have brought the update for iOS users. This will undoubtedly please many iOS users. Photography section has been changed this time. So if you love keeping different types of images then this update is surely going to be fruitful for you. The special filter section is going to be supportive as a single swipe on any specific picture can assist you to check different filters. Now it is up to you where you want to keep those pictures. You can place those images as per the data and according to the requirements. It can be changed whenever you want.

There will also be a Reply shortcut message also. Users can now send the reply more easily with this update. Now you can simply swipe to right and start replying for the message with ease. We cannot ignore the importance of these updates.  It was not a long time when we saw the pinned chat feature for Android. Now these new updates for iOS users are going to make the things easy for iPhone users. So test these updates and see how functional it is for you.

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