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Whatsapp Now Getting Ready To Challenge Apple Imessage Features

WhatsApp is among the biggest messaging platforms of the world. This social networking platform is beneficial for not messages but calls also. You can easily do video calling with this platform and many people around the globe like using it frequently. They are offering a number of beneficial characteristics like file sharing option and photo albums. It has GIF-sharing feature also which is well-liked by many people. Now it seems that WhatsApp is getting ready to challenge an important feature of Apple’s iMessage.

Some sources are giving a clue that the platform may soon offer the facility to watch YouTube videos. You may be able to stream YouTube feature in the app itself. Therefore it can be a nice addition to the features of this messaging service. Many iOS Beta Testers are utilising this feature. Therefore the buzz is already there that the platform may offer this feature through a new update soon. This new feature is going to be supportive because you need not have to leave the platform to watch videos. It will be like a picture-in-picture facility. So you may find a small window through which you may be able to watch videos. Moreover, you can do your other works simultaneously.

The feature is undoubtedly appearing useful. However, there are still some questions in mind. It is tough to comment at this stage if this feature will allow you to move the video anywhere on the screen. The picture-in-picture mode is going to be highly beneficial if you want to check some vital videos while discussing a particular topic. Some experts are saying that the video may play at a specific location but it is not confirmed at this point of time. We may see some changes at the time of final release.

It is important to discuss the point here that the facility is available only for the Beta users. A few Android O Dev preview users are currently utilising this feature. Therefore not many people are able to check the functions right now. A new API added in Android O is appearing supportive here. This new feature may not appear a game changer. However, a new addition always gives a fresh experience. Therefore many people will indeed like it. The exact availability of this feature is still not known. But one thing is almost certain that this feature may appear a challenge for Apple’s iMessage in future.

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