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Xiaomi May Launch Mi6 on February 6th

Xiaomi is considered to be a smartphone maker who has changed the market a lot in recent times. They are among the first makers who offered good quality gadgets without increasing the price. Now they are leading the market in many countries and they are competing with many other top makers successfully. This year company brought Mi5 as they offered a new premium model after a long time. However it seems that next year company wants to offer their premium model as early as possible. A few days ago people were saying that company may launch Mi 6 in April. However today some new reports are arriving and these reports are different from the previous versions.

The new leaked reports say that Xiaomi is planning to launch Mi 6 on February 6th. The new Xiaomi Mi 6 is expected have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Some experts were saying that the production of this chip got delayed due to some unavoidable reasons. Therefore the release date of Mi 6 was also pushed ahead because of it. Now many experts are claiming that the total production of new chips may not be as per the expectations but it will not hamper the plans of Xiaomi. The stock is sufficient enough for Mi 6 and company would be able to release the gadget on time.

Xiaomi Mi 6 can be a good option for those who want additional memory on their gadgets. This upcoming model can have 6GB RAM. Moreover it can also have USB Type-C Support and it can be very exciting for Xiaomi lovers. Xiaomi is known to offer customized operating system. This upcoming model may be based on MIUI 9. Therefore we may utilize the functions of Android 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat here. Xiaomi does not want to lag behind as they are planning to offer many latest functions. It is almost certain that the gadget is going to compete with many other premium models at the time of release.

The dual-camera setup of Mi 6 may be the thing which many experts would like to check as soon as the model arrives into the market. The exact release date is not available at this time. However we may see the gadget in March. The exact release date of the model may surprise many people in coming times. There is also a separate story of unveiling the model on February 14th but it is tough to comment on it at this time. Samsung is the producer of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Therefore many things will depend on the availability of this processor.

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