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Xiaomi Planning to Add Sony Sensor in Mi6

This year Xiaomi is looking to bring Mi6 on time. We have seen that the company has taken some time in the past to bring the next flagship model. However now Xiaomi is not interested to repeat the same thing again and it is the reason that they are trying their best to show the model on time. They are still facing some hurdles but makers are trying their best to offer the right kind of gadget. There are chances that we may get two new flagship models this year. They may be called as Mi6 and Mi6 Plus. However there is no official confirmation for the same. Last year people were talking about a new ‘Plus’ model but company didn’t bring this gadget. Now in 2017 the possibilities are high that a big screen flagship gadget of Xiaomi will try to compete with other similar models in the market.

We understand that the screen-size of regular model and ‘Plus’ model are going to be different. Company is not saying anything about the model. However people close to the industry are hinting that the regular model may have a 5.15 inch screen-size whereas ‘Plus’ model may have 5.7 inch screen-size. This is not going to be the only difference in these two models. Sensors of both the models are also going to be different. The first model can have a single IMX400 sensor by Sony and the bigger model can have a dual Sony IMX400 sensor. Camera is another point which will make the two models different. Some people are saying that the regular model is expected to have a single lens camera whereas the ‘Plus’ model can have a dual-lens setup.

There are some points on which Xiaomi is paying close attention these days. Company is looking to get the processors for the new models on time. This will help them to bring the model soon. Currently many specialists are saying that it will not be an easy task for Xiaomi to get the new Snapdragon 835 processor. Shortage of new processors may force Xiaomi to push the release date ahead. It will not be a big surprise if they decide to bring the model in May instead of April. Many influential features like Type-C USB, MediaTek Helio X30 SoC, and high-quality speakers are going to make the gadget special. Price of the regular model is expected to be about $290 whereas the ‘Plus’ model can be about $430. We will bring the official specifications as soon as makers decide to show the model.

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