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YouTube Gets a Better Design with Updated Logo

YouTube gets a new fresh design for desktop. You may already know that this is the most popular video platform available in the market which is widely used by many users across the globe. They have now given a new logo to the brand. Moreover, they have also included a new icon this time. This is a welcome change by YouTube because they didn’t bring any major change in last twelve years. The desktop edition now looks a little different. It is more attractive than before. The platform was doing the required tests from some time. The first preview was available in May but it took some time to bring the final edition.

The new edition of YouTube for desktop can be highly useful for those who keep using multi-screen gadgets frequently. They can access the data with ease. Furthermore, the new glance is also looking brilliant. The change arrived from Tuesday when the devices were receiving the new update. The other related services and apps will also receive the new update within next few days. If you have not received the update then you will receive it soon. The refreshed theme with material design gives a striking impression to the platform.

The app version is also receiving a few updates. Many users were eagerly waiting for the feature to control the speed of the video. Now, this new update has been added and it is a big relief for many people. Users can also select the mode of the video. It is up to the user if he wants to utilize the video player in vertical mode or horizontal mode. Similarly, you can also check the square option. One of the best things is that the black bars will not be disappeared with the new update. It is certainly a good update by YouTube. The platform is saying that the users can now watch any video without any trouble.

YouTube is making these changes to prove that they do not forget to bring new things for their users. These updates came after a long time but it is undoubtedly an excellent step by Google. The clean design and new gestures are certainly very helpful to utilize the feature without any difficulty. Many users have already received this new update. You need not have to leave the full-screen mode now if you want to see the list of suggested videos. It is also a good step. This flexible design will allow you to check the contents quickly. So what do you think about these updates? Are you using it?

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