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Company Analysis of Top 10 SUV Producers in China 2016 Proposal

Published: Nov 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

In 2014, the output and sales of automotive industry in China were around 23.72 units and 23.49 units respectively, grew by XX% and XX%. In this report, ASKCI will disclose the performance and competitiveness of the top 10 SUV producers in automotive industry. Market potentials and commercial opportunities for the industry will be discussed as well. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide suggestions for strategy making.

1)The Aim of Report

-Obtain latest info of automotive industry, such as market size, top 10 SUV producers in China, etc.;
-Find out how Chinese automotive market will change and how your business can be involved in;
-Evaluate the financial performance and growth strategies of the top 10 companies;
-To reveal opportunities for automotive industry in China.

2)Time needed

2 work weeks needed

1 Overview of Automotive Industry in China
1.1 Market Overview
1.2 Production Analysis
1.3 Sales Analysis

2 Top 10 SUV Producers
2.1 Company A
2.1.1 Basic Information
2.1.2 Performance
2.1.3 Output Analysis
2.1.4 Key Products
2.2 Company B
…… ……
2.10 Company J

3 Conclusion and Recommendation
3.1 Opportunities and Challenges
3.2 Recommendation
ASKCI’s Legal Disclaimer

Table 1 Sales of automotive in China by car type in 2014
Table 2 Top 10 automotive output provinces in China in 2014
Table 3 Financial indicators and SUV output of Company A in 2014

Figure 1 Output of automotive industry in China, 2010-2014
Figure 2 Total output value of automotive industry in China, 2010-2014
Figure 3 Output of automotive industry by car type, 2010-2014

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