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The Digital Patient - A Snapshot of the Digital Landscape of Patients and Caregivers

Published: May 2015 | No Of Pages: 65 | Published By: CBR Pharma Insights

The advent of mobile phones and other devices has opened up new channels for pharmaceutical marketers to reach patients and caregivers. The Pharma industry as a whole is late to the digital game so logically patients and caregivers have pre-existing expectations of the digital experience. Digital enables brands to deliver highly targeted information in a variety of forms. It creates the setting for a brand experience versus a promotional moment.

This is a tremendous opportunity but not one without challenges one of the biggest obstacles being lack of clear direction from the FDA around appropriate use of social media. Based upon this statement by Ernest Voyard, the FDAs senior regulator council, guidance around appropriate use of social media will not be issued in the near future. We are working on the area and its something we feel is important but we dont have a specific timeline right now.

While many companies have a digital presence via their brand websites and social network sites (SNS) they are not truly engaging the patient. At the same time, there are companies that are bold; willing to take risks and serve as industry pioneers.

The report, The Digital Patient - A Snapshot of the Digital Landscape of Patients and Caregivers, was written to provide support and guidance to companies with their digital strategy and planning. CBR Pharma Insights used both primary and secondary market research to produce analytical insights for pharma companies in support of their mobile, social, brand, and overall digital strategies.


  • Evolution of Direct to Consumer Marketing
  • Creating a Digital Experience for Patients and Caregivers
  • Patients and Care Givers Use of Digital Channels - findings from CBR Pharma Insight studies
  • Digital Marketing Around the Industry

Key Reasons to Purchase

  • Access a deep dive on how patients & caregivers are using digital technology to access health-related content
  • Learn how pharmaceutical companies are reaching out to patients through digital channels in the absence of clear guidelines
  • Access data & analysis from CBR Pharma Insights primary market research study with over US 400 patients & caregivers around their use of mobile technology, health-related apps, online communities, blogs, and social networks
  • Benefit from multiple industry examples of how specific companies are using the different digital tools available to them
  • Learn about what needs to be considered and planned for when working to create a digital experience for patients & caregivers

oster relationships with patients and caregivers
Consider the various ways people prefer to receive information
Consider a patients mindset to tailor communications
Point-of-care marketing opportunities are expanded through mobile technology

Patients and Care Givers Use of Digital Channels
Findings from the study conducted by CBR Pharma Insights
A digital snapshot as part of digital strategy creation
Using the internet for health related information
Use of online communities
Blogs and blogging
Use of mobile technology and health-related apps
Social networks and the patient
Digital Marketing Around the Industry
A showcase of digital marketing activities
Sanofi as a pioneer
Knowing your target audience
Utilizing humor appropriately
Using social media to test the waters
Funneling patients & care givers to brand websites


Respondent Demographics
Data/charts from the CBR Pharma Insights primary research study

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