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Non Alcoholic Drinks Market Research Reports

Non Alcoholic drinks are widely consumed all over the world. These items are widely manufactured in eight nations that include Italy, Canada, Russia, Germany, UK, Japan, USA and France. Firms producing non alcoholic drinks accrued a total revenue of about two hundred and ninety one billion US dollars in year 2010. Market Research Professionals has projected that by the end of year 2015, non alcoholic drinks will generate a total revenue of about three hundred and ten billion US dollars. The non alcoholic drinks US market alone is expected to touch the revenue of one hundred and twenty seven billion US dollars by the end of year 2015.

There are large range of items that consist of non-alcoholic drinks. These include smoothies, milkshakes, sports drinks, functional drinks, bottled water, fresh juices, sparkling drinks and concentrates. In general, non alcoholic drinks are those drinks that do not comprise of alcohol or spirits or those drinks that possess 0.5 percent of alcoholic contents. These drinks are made on the base that consists of either still water or carbonated water. Different kinds of flavors and sweeteners are added to these drinks. Some of these drinks comprise of real fruit pulp, juice, glucose, fructose, sucrose and caffeine.

Packaging comprises an integral part of these non alcoholic drinks. Generally, manufacturers of non alcoholic drinks all across the globe have registered many copyrights to safeguard and secure their exception style of packaging as this unique style of packaging is the main differentiator between the competing items.

Non alcoholic drinks sector also drives a huge demand for glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. Few of the most reputed items under the non alcoholic drinks section include sparkling lemonade, coke, cola, ginger ale, Pepsi, Sprite and root beer.

Among the largest income generators in this section are carbonated drinks as well as sparkling drinks. There is a tooth and nail competition in the non alcoholic drinks market provided that several coke and cola firms as well as soft drinks producers function within its purview. Carbonated drinks consist of nearly forty percentage of worldwide soft drink market.

Product differentiation always remain a pressing requirement if firms are to successfully prosper in the non alcoholic drinks industry. The most reliable techniques firms should adopt to stay way ahead of their business rivals is to introduce branding of products, product benchmarking, market penetration , product classification, BCG matrix strategy, Ansoff matrix strategy and many other most prominent marketing strategies that are successfully practiced by many firms in the non alcoholic drinks business to successfully market their products.

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