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Can Thieves Control My Car?

Published: Sep 2011 | No Of Pages: 41 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

Is hacking vehicle electronic systems a potential method of stealing a car?

This study explores the potential for thieves to use computer hacking techniques to gain access to vehicle systems. SBD examines the future of vehicle architecture and communications to identify the potential threats of hacking a vehicle through various wired and wireless connections. Hacking is major news, and researchers have already started to find vulnerabilities in existing systems. This report cuts through the hype to help you gain a clear picture of what hacks can be achieved at the present and which are likely to develop into threats in the future.

Vehicle manufacturers and systems suppliers need to consider security within the concept of new communication systems, and to understand the capability that potential thieves will have when the vehicles being developed now are eventually launched. This report will help prevent the exploitation of new technologies.

1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction
1.1 Conclusions
1.1 Recommendations

2. Architecture Weaknesses
2.1 Wired Connection
2.2 Wireless Connection
2.3 Vehicle Technology
2.3.1 Infotainment
2.3.2 Telematics
2.4 Summary of Access Routes

3. New Technology and Developments
3.1 On Vehicle
3.2 Infrastructure
3.3 Theft Tools

4. Vehicle Hacking Attacks
4.1 Research Study 1 - Connected Vehicle Control Units
4.2 Research Study 2 – TPMS
4.3 Research Study 3 - Police In-Car Surveillance System
4.4 Public Hacking Incidences
4.5 Summary of Successful Hacking Attacks

5. The Threat of Hacking
5.1 Why Hacking will be a Threat in the Future
5.2 Control of the Vehicle

6. Secure and Protect


Fig. 1 Developing CAN Architecture
Fig. 2 Increased Connectivity of Infotainment Systems
Fig. 3 Telematics Communication Route
Fig. 4 Summary of Possible Hacking Access Routes
Fig. 5 Road Train Concept
Fig. 6 TPMS Attack Tool
Fig. 7 Summary of Successful Hacking Attacks
Fig. 8 Vehicle Hacking Threats – Present vs. Future
Fig. 9 Criticality of On-Board Vehicle Systems
Fig. 10 ECU Partitioning – Body Control Module

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