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Company Analysis of Major Players in China's Film Industry

Published: Jul 2015 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.
Following the USA, China has become the second largest movie market in the world, and it’s also the fastest growing market. Accompany with the rapid development of economic and fast improvement of people’s living standard, China’s film industry showed exponential development in recent decade. Both film box office and film production have rose to a new level. According to China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, China’s total box office has reached RMB29.64 billion in 2014, with a YoY of 36.2% and a CAGR of 33.2% during 2002-2014; meanwhile, domestic film production volume was up to 618, with a slightly decline compared with that in 2013 and a CAGR of 26.2% during 2002-2014. It’s estimated that the increasing trend will continue in the following years and China’s film industry will have a bright future. As the market size of film industry increasing, the theater expansion is being carried out enthusiastically in recent years. In 2002, there were only about 1,000 theaters and 1,850 screens in China; while in 2014, the numbers up to about 4,850 and 23,600 respectively. In 2014, the number of new screens was 5,397, with an average increasing number of 14.8 per day. The explosive growth of theater and screen laid a good foundation for the fast development of film industry. In this report, ASKCI profiles the leading players in domestic film market. It analyzes China’s film industry in terms of market information (market size, profitability model, etc.), production (movie production, industrial concentration, etc.), current industry trend and the competitive positioning of major movie producers and top 10 theater chains in the market.1)The Aim of this report ?To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese film industry; ?To disclose market size of China’s film industry; ?To predict what future of China’s film industry will be; ?To analyze major plays of film industry in China; ?To analyze top 10 domestic theater chains; ?To find out the key strengths and weakness of China’s players, and the threats and opportunities they face; ?To reveal opportunities in Chinese film industry. 2)Benefit from the report ?Obtain latest info of film industry, such as market size, production volume, profitability model, industry concentration and so on; ?Evaluate the financial performance and growth strategies of major film produces and theater chains in China’s film market; ?Identify key trends and opportunities in China’s film market; ?Understand what are the drivers and barriers of China’s film companies; 2. SCOPE OF INVESTIGATION The report will investigate Chinese major film producers and top 10 theater chains from the following aspects: ?Basic information (including address, telephone number, tax number, website, company background, etc.) ?Major business ?Development model ?Financial performance ?Geographical distribution ?New projects ?SWOT analysis
Part Contents ? Outlook for China's Film Industry ?-1 Market size ?-2 Profitability model ?-3 Movie production ?-4 Movie genre ?-5 Industry concentration ?-6 Major policies ?-7 Comparison with foreign countries ?-8 Future trend ? Outlook for China's movie theater chain ?-1 Revenue of theater ?-2 Profitability model ?-3 Numbers of theater and screen in China ?-4 Geographic distribution of theater ?-5 Comparison with foreign countries ? Company analysis of major movie producers ?-1 China Film Group Corporation ?-1-1 Basic information ?-1-2 Revenue and net profit ?-1-3 Major business ?-1-4 Geographic distribution ?-1-5 Industry chain extend model ?-1-6 SWOT analysis ?-2 Huayi Brothers ?-3 Shanghai Film Group ?-4 Bona Film Group ?-5 Chengtian Entertainment Group ? Top 10 theater chains in China ?-1 Wanda Cinema Line Co., Ltd. ?-1-1 Basic information ?-1-2 Financial performance ?-1-3 Development model ?-1-4 Movie theater scale and distribution ?-1-5 New project ?-1-6 SWOT analysis ?-2 Shanghai United Circuit Co., Ltd. ?-3 China Film Stellar Theater Chain Co., Ltd. …… …… ?-10 China Film Digital Cinema Line (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ? Conclusion
List of Figures Figure I-1-1 Box office of all movies screened in China, 2002-2014 Figure I-3-1 Production volume of all movies in China, 2002-2014 Figure I-4-1 Box office comparison between domestic movie and imported movies, 2010 and 2014 Figure I-4-2 Box office comparison among diffident movie genre, 2010 and 2014 ...... List of Table Table I-5-1 Industry concentration of film industry in China, 2010-2014 Table I-5-2 Revenue of major film producer in China, 2014 Table I-6-1 Major industrial policies of film industry in China, 2010-2014 Table III-1-1-1 Basic information of China Film Group Corporation, 2014 Table III-1-2-1 Financial performance of China Film Group Corporation, 2014 ......
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