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Global Industry Insight: E-Clinical Solutions Market Development and Demand Forecast to 2020

By: P & S Market Research

Clinical trials are research studies, with the help of which safety and efficacy of drugs is inspected before launching in market for patients. E-clinical solutions are combination of products, technology and services that works together to automate and manage the clinical trials. E-clinical term is used to refer sophisticated electronic systems which are used for conducting or automating the management of clinical trials and to reduce the chances of human errors. Efficient management of large data with instantaneous analysis is required for conducting e-clinical trials for a novel drug. The e-clinical solutions improve effectiveness, decrease clinical trial costs, improve the clinical trials process speed, and enable enhanced data management and integration of different trial data.

E-clinical solutions software helps the pharmaceutical, clinical research organizations, biotechnology, research organizations and medical devices to amplify their clinical research investment by using innovative technologies. The rising availability of computers and internet globally had helped the clinical industry by creating e-clinical solutions software, which is used broadly in the management of clinical trials because of its effectiveness over paper process.

The various product categories available in the global e-clinical solutions market are clinical data management system (CDMS), clinical trial management system (CTMS), safety, electronic clinical outcome assessment (ECOA), and randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) solutions market. E-clinical solutions market can be categorized on the basis of buyer as pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs).

On the basis of professional services, global e-clinical solutions market can be categorized as implementation services, consulting services, support services and training services. The various delivery modes of e-clinical solutions include licensed enterprise (On-Premise) solutions, web-hosted (On-Demand) delivery mode and cloud-based (Saas) delivery mode.

Increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, and rising number of collaborations and partnerships are some of the major trends observed in the global e-clinical solutions market. Some of the major factors driving the growth of e-clinical solutions market are need for improved data standardization, rise in the clinical R&D expenditure by the pharmaceutical industry, government initiatives to support clinical trials, increasing need to reduce the cost, and time consumed in clinical trial processes.

Development of cost effective modules, shift of clinical trials and resources from Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) to CROs, increasing clinical research in Asian-Pacific region and increasing impact of cloud technology in database development and maintenance in e-clinical solutions are some of the dominant opportunities for the global e-clinical solutions market.

Factors restraining the growth of global e-clinical solutions market are, low adoption rate of e-clinical solutions in developing countries, high cost associated with the e-clinical solutions, complexity of system architecture, and shortages of efficient clinical research teams in terms of skill levels and training.

North America had the largest market for the e-clinical solutions in 2014. The high market share of the region is attributed to the factors such as the presence of a strong healthcare infrastructure, large number of e-clinical solution vendors and favorable compensation circumstances. The Asia-Pacific region is growing at fastest rate attributed to the factors such as low operating cost for conducting clinical trials, the presence of a large patient population, and the escalating growth of pharmaceutical industry in the region.

Some of the major companies operating in global e-clinical solutions market are Parexel International Corp., CRF Health, Pht Corporation, Merge Healthcare Incorporated, Datatrak International, Inc., Omnicomm Systems, Inc., Bioclinica, Inc., and Oracle Corporation. 

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