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Global Vitamin C Supply Chain and Future Pricing Trends

Published: Jan 2008 | No Of Pages: 79 | Published By: CNutrInfo
The management report, The Global Vitamin C Supply Chain & Future Pricing Trends, is a result of 5-months’ study on global, particularly the Chinese raw vitamin C industry and was published in early December 2008. 
The highlights of this report: 
  • Chinese manufacturers dominating the vitamin C supply 
  • Chinese manufacturers controlling the vitamin C pricing 
  • Historical vitamin C prices fluctuations 
  • Driven forces behind prices fast-increase 
  • What would impact the future pricing trends 
  • Global economic downturn and its impact on vitamin C prices 
  • Vitamin C prices projection over 2009-2011 
  • Vitamin C output projection over 2009-2011 
  • Vitamin C profit analysis (prices, manufacturing costs, gross profit and net profit) 
  • In-depth analysis of major Chinese VC manufacturers 
The potential buyers of this report: 
  • Animal nutrition formulators 
  • Dietary supplements/ multivitamins/ functional beverage manufacturers 
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers 
  • Vitamins/ health ingredients manufacturers or traders 
  • Investors from private equity management firms 
  • Consultants/ market analysts

Executive summary
Report scope and methodology

Chapter I Overview of Chinese vitamins industry
I-1 Overview of global situation
I-2 Historical overview in China
I-3 Current situation in China

Chapter II Overview of Chinese vitamins C industrial segment
II-1 Historical transfer of VC production capacity
II-2 Chinese manufacturers dominating global VC production
II-3 VC export overview and exporters in China
II-4 Anti-trust litigation on Chinese vitamin C
II-5 VC processing technology innovation
II-6 VC consumption modes

Chapter III Research on vitamin C prices
III-1 VC historical prices review
III-2 Analysis of the historical prices fluctuation
III-3 VC prices situation in 2008

Chapter IV Future forecast of vitamin C prices
IV-1 Forecast of the influencing factors of VC prices
Manufacturing costs
IV-2 VC pricing prediction 2009~2010

Chapter V Vitamin C Manufacturers insights

V-3 Northeast China Pharmaceutical Group (NEPG)
V-4 CSPC Weisheng Pharmaceutical (Shijiazhuang) Company
V-5 NCPC Welcome Pharmaceutical Company
V-6 Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical
V-7 Zibo Hualong Pharmaceutical
V-8 Anhwei Tiger Biotech
V-9 Henan Huaxing Pharmaceutical

Table-1 Vitamin raw ingredients HS Codes and descriptions
Table-2 Major raw vitamin manufacturers currently in the world
Table-3 Production capacity and volume of Chinese raw vitamins in 2004
Table-4 Historic vitamins export volume and value
Table-5 Vitamin C manufacturers with capacity in China
Table-6 Major Vitamin C distributors in Northeast China region
Table-7 Historic Vitamin C export volume
Table-8 Vitamin C export data by destination countries January~October 2006
Table-9 Major exporters of vitamin products in China 2007
Table-10 Major vitamin C manufacturers by percentage of export volume 2007
Table-11 Major exporters of vitamin C in China 1Q2008
Table-12 Structure of raw VC consumption in China
Table-13 Chinese vitamin C export comparison 2005~2006
Table-14 Chinese vitamin C export statistics Jan ~Jun 2007
Table-15 Raw VC profit analysis 2006
Table-16 Raw VC profit analysis 2007
Table-17 Chinese raw VC export prices monthly comparison Jan~Mar 2008
Table-18 NEPG’s raw VC export quarter comparison 1Q2007 vs. 1Q2008
Table-19 Chinese raw VC export semi-annual comparison 1H2007 vs. 1H2008
Table-20 NEPG raw VC export semi-annual comparison 1H2007 vs. 1H2008
Table-21 Raw VC profit analysis 2008
Table-22 Chinese VC output monthly projection 2009-2011
Table-23 Raw VC cost structuring in China
Table-24 Corn output volume in China 2005~2010
Table-25 Corn consumption in future processing industry
Table-26 VC prices projection 2009-2011
Table-27 Historical revenue and profit of NEPG’s major business (2004-2007)
Table-28 Historical revenue and profit of NEPG’s VC business (2004-2007)
Table-29 Historical prices of NEPG’s raw VC (short-term contracts)
Table-30 Products category that Hualong can supply

Figure-1 The flow chart of oldest VC processing
Figure-2 Historic prices of Chinese vitamin C raw ingredient
Figure-3 Highest, expected and lowest VC output scenarios in 2009-2011
Figure-4 Highest, expected and lowest VC price scenarios in 2009-2011
Figure-5 Shareholders of Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical in 1990
Figure-6 Shareholders of Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical in 2003
Figure-7 Shareholders of Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical in 2008

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