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Market Research for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in China 2016

Published: Dec 2015 | No Of Pages: 50 | Published By: ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd.

In this report, ASKCI analyzes the investment opportunities of China’s internet protocol television (IPTV) industry. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this industry from the following aspects: market size, status in the world, product structure, company analysis of major players, etc., as well as make scientific prediction on the future development IPTV industry.

1)The Aim of this report
-To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinese IPTV industry;
-To understand position of China’s IPTV in the world;
-Get more information of the major IPTV manufacturers;
-To predict what future of China’s IPTV industry will be;
-To find out the key strengths and weakness of China’s IPTV players, and the threats and opportunities they face;
-To reveal opportunities in Chinese IPTV industry.

2)Benefit from the report
-Obtain latest info of IPTV industry, such as market size, product structure, status in the world. key hotspots and so on;
-Get latest information of major IPTV players in China;
-Evaluate the status of China’s IPTV industry in the world;
-Identify key trends and opportunities in China’s IPTV market;
-Understand what are the drivers and barriers of China’s IPTV players;
-Find out some players who are best worth for investment in China’s IPTV industry.

Word-format report, with around 30-50 pages;
Excel-format database of key players of IPTV;
Excel-format market data of IPTV;

Executive summary
Introduction and Methodology

1 China IPTV Industry Introduction
1.1 Industry definition
1.2 Development history
1.3 Classification

2 PEST analysis
2.1 Policy
2.2 Economy
2.3 Society
2.4 Technology

3 Global market development overview
3.1 Market size
3.2 Major Producers
3.3 Industry characteristics
3.4 Industry trends

4 China IPTV Industry Market Analysis
4.1 Market information
4.1.1 Market size
4.1.2 Business mode
4.1.3 Characteristics
4.2 Supply chain analysis
4.2.1 Content providers
4.2.2 Equipment suppliers
4.2.3 Platform providers
4.2.4 Network operators
4.3 Competitive landscape
4.3.1 Enterprise scale
4.3.2 Market concentration
4.3.3 Regional concentration
4.3.4 Company concentration
4.3.5 Barriers to entry
4.3.6 Threaten from substitutes

5 Profile of major manufacturers
5.1 China Telecom
5.1.1 Basic information
5.1.2 Development history
5.1.3 Financial Performance
5.1.4 Projects in China
5.2 China Unicom
5.1.1 Basic information
5.1.2 Development history
5.1.3 Financial Performance
5.1.4 Projects in China
5.3 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
…… ……
5.8 China Television Media, Ltd.

6 Forecast of IPTV industry
6.1 Influence factors
6.2 Forecast to 2019

7 Conclusion
7.1 Risk and challenge
7.2 Opportunity

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Table 1.1-1 Policies for China’s IPTV industry, 2013-2015
Table 4.3.4-1 Company concentration of China’s IPTV industry, 2014
Table 5.1.1-1 Basic information of China Telecom, 2015
Table 5.1.3-1 Financial performance of China Telecom, 2012-2014

Figure 4.1-1 Market size of IPTV in China, 2010-2014
Figure 4.2-1 Supply chain analysis of IPTV in China, 2010-2014
Figure 4.1.2-1 Business mode of IPTV in China, 2015
Figure 4.1.3-1 Industry chain of IPTV in China, 2015

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