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Oil and Gas Industry of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East 2013

Published: Oct 2013 | Published By: RPI

Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East are key regions in Russia’s strategy for energy development. Vast hydrocarbon reserves, which the government regards as critical to the country’s socioeconomic development, and proximity to Asia-Pacific markets make the regions of paramount importance to companies working or planning to work in these markets.

This study focuses on the resource base, current production rates, and the status and growth potential of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East’s petroleum infrastructure.

The report presents the study results on the activities of major subsoil users in terms of companies, on the one hand, and mainland and offshore production projects implemented across the region, on the other.

In addition to production, the report highlights the most significant oil and gas transmission projects aimed at bringing Russian hydrocarbons to domestic and export markets.

The report includes an overview of three Asia-Pacific markets – China, Japan and South Korea – that are promising for Russian oil and gas export.

Going beyond updating the main body of information on the region, the report provides insights on licensing, oilfield services, and oil and gas supply logistics.

The report includes the following:

  • An in-depth examination of oil and gas fields in the region
  • A full description and analysis of each key market player
  • Major production projects in the region
  • Forecasts for growth in the region’s petroleum industry

The fast-growing regions of Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East have captured the attention of both Russian and global investors. Armed with in-depth analyses from this report, companies already engaged in the market and those seeking opportunities there will be better able to assess the risks they face and the advantages they hold, and to design effective growth strategies.

More than a source of statistical data on the region’s petroleum sector, the report offers insights on various companies’ activities that could be useful in building market entry and expansion strategies for these regional markets.

This report is an updated and augmented version of the previous report and takes into account recent changes in the global market landscape and Asia-Pacific’s expanded role.

We believe that the detailed information and in-depth analyses produced by RPI will help companies to design and implement more streamlined strategies for the fast-growing Eastern Siberian and Russian Far East markets, and to better leverage their strengths and anticipate emerging opportunities.

1. Introduction

2. Key Conclusions

3. Hydrocarbon reserves and resources
3.1. Eastern Siberia
3.1.1. Irkutsk region
3.1.2. Krasnoyarsk territory
3.2. Russian Far East
3.2.1. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
3.2.2. Sakhalin region (including offshore)
3.2.3. Chukotka autonomous district (including offshore)
3.2.4. Kamchatka territory (including offshore)

4. Key players
4.1. Eastern Siberia
4.1.1 Rosneft Former TNK-BP assets
4.1.2 Surgutneftegaz
4.1.3 Slavneft
4.1.4 Irkutsk Oil Company (INK)
4.1.5 Gazprom Group Gazprom Neft
4.1.6 Petromir
4.2. Russian Far East
4.2.1. Rosneft
4.2.2. Gazprom Group
4.2.3. Petrosakh
4.2.4. Foreign companies
4.3. Licensing

5. Major projects
5.1. Eastern Siberia
5.1.1. Vankor
5.1.2. Yurubchensky project
5.1.3. Kuyumbinsky/Tersko-Kamovsky project
5.1.4. Talakan
5.1.5. Verkhnechonsky project
5.1.6. Bolshekhetsky project
5.1.7. Yaraktinsky project
5.1.8. Srednebotuobinsky project
5.1.9. Dulisma
5.1.10. Angaro-Lensky project
5.1.11. Chayandinsky project
5.2. Russian Far East
5.2.1. Sakhalin Sakhalin-1 Sakhalin-2 Sakhalin-3 Sakhalin-4, 5 Other projects
5.2.2. Kamchatka

6. Hydrocarbon production in eastern Russia
6.1. Current status of oil and gas production
6.1.1. Eastern Siberia
6.1.2. Russian Far East
6.2. Oil and gas production growth plans for Eastern Siberia and Russian Far East
6.2.1. Oil production growth plans
6.2.2. Gas production growth plans

7. Eastbound Russian oil and gas exports
7.1. Asia-Pacific energy markets
7.2. China’s energy market
7.3. Japan’s energy market
7.4. South Korea’s energy market

8. Oil and gas export to the Asia-Pacific Rim countries
8.1. ESPO system
8.1.1. Export via ESPO
8.1.2. ESPO blend
8.2. Russian gas in the Asia-Pacific market: plans and prospects
8.3. Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline
8.4. Yakutia-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline
8.5. LNG plants

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