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The Medical Device Market: USA

Published: Jul 2014 | No Of Pages: 170 | Published By: Espicom

Product Synopsis

At an estimated US$127.1bn in 2013, the US medical device market is the world's largest. Per capita expenditure, at US$399, is the highest in the world.
Much of the market is in private hands; there is no single health system. Public healthcare systems, known as Medicaid, for those on low incomes, are operated by each State. Since 1960, the Medicare system has provided hospital care for the elderly; this has also provided prescription drug coverage since 2006.
President Obama succeeded in signing his healthcare reform bill into law on 23rd March 2010. The bill, formally called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) HR 3590, will eventually extend health insurance cover to an estimated 32mn Americans who do not have any form of health insurance.
The PPACA requires all States to create new health insurance markets called exchanges, so that people who do not have insurance can buy tax-payer subsidised private cover. The law also expands eligibility for Medicaid so low-income adults who have no dependent children can get government insurance. Putting the two approaches together, more than 30mn Americans are expected to gain coverage by January 2014. At the end of June 2012, the Supreme Court upheld the entire law in a 5-to-4 decision which deemed that the mandate was constitutional under the taxing authority afforded to the federal
The USA is home to many of the world's leading medical device manufacturers, such as Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Baxter, Covidien and Medtronic. Seven out of the world's top ten medical device manufacturers are US companies.
Espicom's highly-regarded world medical technology and device market research reports provide enhanced strategic intelligence in a user-friendly format. Each report provides in-depth information, setting the medical equipment market in context. The reports provide:
  • Unique projected estimates of market size and growth for 33 equipment categories
  • Five year statistical data for key economic and healthcare indicators
  • Information on regulation, distribution and market access
  • Detailed Medical trade data
  • Data on leading local/multinational medical equipment players in the market
Espicom Industry View7
Medical Device Market9
Business Environment12
Industry Forecast13
Medical Device Market Forecast13
2008-2013 Performance13
2013-2018 Performance14
Table: Projected Medical Device Market, 2013-201815
Table: Detailed Medical Device Market By Product Area, 2008-2018 (US$mn)16
Consumables Market Forecast19
Bandages & Dressings20
Suturing Materials20
Syringes, Needles & Catheters20
Other Consumables20
Table: Consumables Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)22
Table: Consumables Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)23
Diagnostic Imaging Market Forecast24
Electrodiagnostic Apparatus25
Radiation Apparatus26
Imaging Parts & Accessories26
Table: Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)27
Table: Diagnostic Imaging Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)28
Dental Products Market Forecast29
Capital Equipment29
Instruments & Supplies30
Table: Dental Products Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)31
Table: Dental Products Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)31
Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market Forecast32
Fixation Devices33
Artificial Joints33
Other Artificial Body Parts33
Table: Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)34
Table: Orthopaedics & Prosthetics Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)34
Patient Aids Market Forecast36
Portable Aids36
Therapeutic Appliances36
Table: Patient Aids Market36
Table: Patient Aids Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)37
Other Medical Devices Market Forecast38
Table: Other Medical Devices Market, 2008-2018 (US$mn)38
Table: Other Medical Devices Market, 2009-2018 (US$mn % Change)39
Annual Medical Device Imports41
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s)44
Table: Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s % Change)45
Table: Top 20 Medical Device Suppliers, 2013 (US$000s)47
Table: Detailed Medical Device Imports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s)48
Table: Detailed Medical Device Import Trends By Product Area, 201351
Table: Detailed Leading Medical Device Suppliers By Product Area, 2013 (US$000s)54
Monthly Medical Device Imports58
Table: Monthly Medical Device Imports By Product Area, January 2011-March 2014 (US$mn)58
Annual Medical Device Exports60
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s)63
Table: Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s % Change)64
Table: Top 20 Medical Device Destinations, 2013 (US$000s)66
Table: Detailed Medical Device Exports By Product Area, 2009-2013 (US$000s)67
Table: Detailed Medical Device Export Trends By Product Area, 201370
Table: Detailed Leading Medical Device Destinations By Product Area, 2013 (US$000s)73
Table: Detailed Medical Device Balance Of Trade, 2009-2013 (US$000s)76
Monthly Medical Device Exports79
Table: Monthly Medical Device Exports By Product Area, January 2011-March 2014 (US$mn)80
Macroeconomic Forecasts82
Macroeconomic Forecast82
Table: United States - Gdp By Expenditure89
Industry Risk Reward Ratings91
Table: Americas Medical Device Risk/Reward Ratings, Q31492
Market Overview93
Medical Device Market Overview93
Table: Medical Device Market, Key Ratios, 201394
Table: Medical Device Market By Product Area, 201394
Healthcare Overview95
Health Status95
Healthcare System95
Healthcare Funding96
Table: Marketplace Enrolment As A Share Of The Potential Marketplace Population (to April 19 2014)101
Table: Largest Health Insurance & Managed Care Companies By Revenue, 2012104
Healthcare Resources104
Table: Medical Technology By Type, 2006-2012 (Units)105
Table: Diagnostic Exams By Type, 2005-2011106
Healthcare Activity108
Healthcare Personnel108
Key Healthcare Data109
Table: Key Healthcare Data, 2008-2013109
Industry Trends & Developments112
Regulatory Development118
Medical Device Regulations118
Pricing & Reimbursement133
Competitive Landscape136
Domestic Medical Device Production136
Table: Summary Sector Trends, 1999-2007 (US$mn)136
Table: Medical Equipment Production By Category, 2007 (US$mn)137
Table: US Census Bureau NAICS Codes & Description140
Table: Establishments, Workers & Shipments By Top Five States & Industry Sector, 2002140
National Medical Device Manufacturers141
Multinational Market Activity154
Table: Multinational Market Activity, 2014154
Medical Device Market Access158
Trade Organisations159
Trade Shows160
Medical Device Market Methodology161
Trade Code Classifications162
Table: Used HS Trade Codes, 2014162
Table: Rearranged HS Trade Codes, 2014164
Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology167
Table: Medical Devices Risk/Reward Ratings Indicators, 2014168
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